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Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons for All Ages – Fun in the Sun Starts with Comfort in the Water

You are never too old or too young to sign up for swimming lessons. You want to have FUN at the beach when on vacation and the pool in the summer.

If you have children, you want to splash around in the waves with the little ones. You also want to feel confident that your children are safe in the water, and that you have the ability to jump in and rescue someone if they are in trouble. SWIM LESSONS are the answer to these concerns…

The Structure of Swimming Lessons

Most lessons are arranged into a series, often with cute names for each level. For instance, you may start out as a “tadpole.” Swim students pass from one level to the NEXT as they develop skills.

Children may spend multiple sessions or years at the same level, or they may rapidly advance and show natural swim ability…Adults will typically move along a bit FASTER, since they have better body coordination and control.

It is important to stay at one level until an instructor officially passes you or your child to the next level. You have to LEARN basic swim skills before you can properly learn more advanced strokes. For instance, it is not safe to start swimming in the deep end before you have gained comfort in the shallow end. You may be anxious to progress or see a child progress, but do not advance before you are ready. Lots of practice between classes will HELP you advance faster.

Private Lessons vs. Group Lessons

Private lessons allow you to learn at your own pace while receiving the complete attention of your swim instructor. There may be other people in the pool learning to swim or leisurely swimming at the time you have your lessons, but you will be the only person in your swimming class.

Private lessons are suitable for those with disabilities or physical limitations that may require special methods of instruction. They are also suitable for those with extreme fear of the water, since that fear will demand special teaching techniques. Some adults may prefer private lessons, especially if they cannot find group lessons for adults in their local area.

Most children learn to swim through group swimming lessons. Most public pools and YMCA locations will offer swim programs for children during the summer. These programs will teach water safety skills as well as basic swim strokes. Children will be grouped by age range, and will progress to more advanced skills with time. There may be swim teams for children in your area as well.

Most large cities will have adult group lessons as well. You may have to look a bit harder for those classes, which is why many adults end up taking private swimming lessons.

Getting Kids to Love the Water

If you want your children to feel comfortable in water, start them on swimming lessons as early as possible. Get in the water with your children VERY EARLY IN LIFE, so they get used to feeling the water. During the toddler years, you can sign your baby up for mommy-and-me swimming lessons.

These lessons allow parents to get in the water and work on very basic skills with small children. This is perfect for parent-baby bonding, but it also introduces the child to swimming and lowers the risk of them being afraid of the water when they get older.

As your child starts swimming lessons without you, give them a lot of praise and encouragement. NEVER apply pressure on them to learn faster or perfect a certain stroke. Your job is to encourage them to have fun and enjoy the water. They will do their job and learn at their own pace.

Swimming Later in Life

There are a few key emotions that can stand in your way of learning to swim as an adult:

  •  Embarrassment
  •  Shame
  • Fear

It is understandable to feel embarrassed that you cannot swim, but it doesn’t make sense to allow that emotion to stop you from taking lessons. You can either continue to be embarrassed by your lack of ability in the water, or you can take lessons and improve that ability. Taking swimming lessons is the only way to correct the problem and erase that embarrassment or shame!

If you feel embarrassed or shamed by your lack of swimming skills, book private lessons and force yourself to attend just three lessons. Do not allow yourself to quit before three lessons! You will see growth in your ability in that time frame, and there will be no turning back at that point.

If fear is your main problem, then book private lessons and let the instructor know about this problem. They will know how to ease you into the water so you feel more comfortable. Again, do not give up until you have completed at least three lessons.

Swimming Lessons as Exercise

Even if you already know how to swim, you can use swim lessons as exercise. Swimming is extremely gentle on the body, but it can burn a lot of calories and help firm and tone all body parts. Have you ever seen the body’s of professional Olympic swimmers? Your body may never be as perfect, but it will be in far better shape if you take your swimming lessons seriously and use them to shape up.


Official website for the national governing body of competitive swimming in the United States:

6 Responses to “Swimming Lessons”

  1. Austin says:

    I was never taught how to swim by parents nor did they ever send me to swimming lessons because… you know, I really don’t know why. In any event I want to learn how to swim because I now have children of my own and when they’re old enough I want to teach them how to swim. I want to be actively involved in their hobbies and one of them I want to make it swimming. I don’t want them to miss out on the things that I had as a child and that’s why I want to learn how to swim. I’m definitely going for the group lesson though. It’s much cheaper 😛

  2. Christian D says:

    I thought about giving my boy a private swimming lesson, but after giving it further thought I’ve come a conclusion that a group lesson will serve him much better. I wanted my son to learn to swim properly, but what’s the point of learning if he’s not having fun while learning it? He’s going to get a group lesson and I’m going to make sure he has lots of fun while learning.

  3. Jackson says:

    There were couple of mistakes I had made with my boy when he was younger and he never got to learn to swim because of those mistakes. First, I should have taken him to swimming lessons when he was much younger but I didn’t. Secondly though I tried to teach him on my own and I sort tried to have him man up by making him float in the water when he didn’t even have the basics down. Yeah I know that was terrible and I feel very bad even years after. I want my son to learn to swim though, but I think because of past experience he’s probably better off with a private lesson in which he’ll get the full attention of the instructor.

  4. Daniel says:

    So my boy tried swimming, golfing, and piano, I think he’s just like me because he despises piano and loves swimming and golfing LOL. He tried basketball a few months back and he wasn’t so much into it. He’s so much like me because my favorite sports was swimming too when I was his age and golf of course I picked it up later in life lol. Am I seeing some potential for the next Michael Phelps or what? xD

  5. Joshua says:

    I’m embarrassed to even say it, but I’ve made my child become obese and I need to do something about it. I have a tough time saying no to my boy and I let him do whatever he wants and I also let him eat everything that he wants. Without proper adult supervision he’s gained so much weight that now he is medically classified as obese. I feel so guilty about it and I really need to correct this for him. My son loves swimming, but doesn’t do it anymore because he’s embarrassed to show his body. I’m willing to pay for a private lesson as long as he’s willing to give it his best. I’ve heard lots of great things about swimming and weight loss, hopefully my son will see some great results with it.

  6. Layla says:

    Unfortunately in my family my uncle is the only one who knows how to swim decently, but he lives 1200 miles away from me hehe. I took my daughter to a group swimming lesson, but she really didn’t enjoy the experience. I don’t know if a private lesson will change her mind, but I really want her to learn to swim and that seems like the only choice for the time being. She loves my uncle though, I wish he were near so he could teach her. It’s a mystery to me why all my family members suck at swimming haha~

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