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Health Benefits of Swimming

This page was last updated on Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Why has swimming remained one of the most popular forms of exercise for so many generations?

Why has it become an internationally recognized competitive sport? Many swimmers get in the water through the years because they like the way it makes them feel. They feel refreshed and invigorated when they pull out of the pool from an aggressive swim. Others jump in the pool because of the health benefits of swimming. Keep reading to learn more about those benefits.

  • Muscle & Strength

You may not feel the tension and stress bearing down on your muscles while you swim, but you are still working your muscles. This work will pay off in stronger, leaner muscles throughout your body. If you pay attention to form and technique and swim on a regular basis, you will start to see more muscle definition in your arms, legs, stomach, shoulders, and other areas of the body.

benefits of swimming


  • Enhanced Flexibility

Once you master a variety of swimming strokes and practice them consistently, you will notice that your body becomes more flexible. You will find it easier to bend and stretch in daily life, and getting up and down from the floor will be much easier. Moving simple becomes easier!

Check out more information about different swim strokes:

  • Weight Loss

This is one of the biggest health benefits of swimming. When you focus on swimming faster with correct form, you burn a lot of calories. As you develop muscle tone, you will start to burn more calories even when you are not swimming. You will have a more toned body that burns fat far more efficiently, and that reduces your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. Consistent swimming is required to take off the weight.

  • Enhanced Cognitive Functioning

The physical health benefits of swimming are often focused on at the exclusion of benefits for the brain and mood. That is a shame, since swimmers feel lighter, healthier, and happier when they get out of the pool. They report being able to focus or concentrate better, and they may experience better memory. This comes from the release of endorphins that promote happiness and clarity of thought.

Once you start swimming regularly, you will also notice that you look and feel more youthful. This comes from a healthier body that functions more efficiently.

4 Responses to “Health Benefits of Swimming”

  1. aroojtx says:

    Wow!! I didn’t know this. Thank you very much for this & it’s helped me make my decision about swimming.

  2. BigGirl11 says:

    Muscle and strength, I need them. Enhanced flexibility, what is flexibility? LOL~ Weight loss, I’ve tipped the scale. Enhanced cognitive functioning, I think I do okay in this department. I’m fat and non-athletic. I can barely run half a block and I don’t even have the strength to lift weight. My fat friend who has lost some weight with swimming tells me that swimming is pretty much perfect for someone who’s fat like me. That’s right fellow fatties, go swimming and you’ll lose weight. I sure as hell will.

  3. Jayden says:

    I’ve gained nearly 60 pounds last year and I finally feel the urgency to do something about my weight problem. someone told me that swimming is a great way to lose weight, but he also mentioned that the downside is that once you stop swimming, you start gaining a ton of weight. I don’t know if there’s any truth to that, but common sense says otherwise. Maybe swimming burns so much calories that you can keep a fairly high calorie diet, but once you stop swimming all those calories will build up as fat. At least that’s my theory.

  4. bhagyashree says:

    Is swimming good for joint pains and back pain too?

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