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How to Swim Faster – 3 Steps to Faster Strokes
There are many reasons you may be interested in learning how to swim faster. You may be a high school student interested in making the school team or securing a scholarship to swim in college. You may be an athlete ready to improve your time in a triathlon. You may just be a recreational swimmer or someone who swims for fitness, and you want to push yourself to go faster and work harder. This [...]
Freestyle Swimming Tips – Getting Started and Perfecting Your Stroke
Most people learn to freestyle when they are first introduced to swimming. Many refer to this less structured stroke as the “crawl,” but the most simplistic term for it is “swimming on top of the water.” Once you go from a complete beginner in the water to a more serious swimmer, you start to identify the form as freestyle swimming. When performing this stroke, you hold your body parallel [...]
How to Master Swimming Techniques for Efficiency and Speed
Once you understand the basic mechanics behind a given swimming stroke, your mission will be to learn proper swimming techniques for that stroke. Technique cannot be ignored because it is the foundation of great things to come. For instance, you will forever be held back in speed and efficiency if your technique is poor. Efficiency vs. Speed Most swimmers focus on speed at some point in their [...]
Is Swimming Technique Important?
Swimming technique is the way you hold your body while you are in the water, and the way you move your body to perform specific swimming strokes... Beginners are often focused on just learning to safely make it from one end of the pool to the other, so they do not concern themselves much with technique. Children who work their way through swimming classes learn technique as they progress, but they [...]
Introduction to the Sidestroke
Every recreational and professional swimmer can learn swim the sidestroke because it is useful in so many ways: The stroke is often needed when rescuing someone from the water. If you are pulling someone from the water, you will need to swim on your side so you can pull them without losing speed, and without drowning yourself along with them.  You can go faster with the sidestroke than the breaststroke, [...]
Introduction to the Back Stroke
The back stroke is also called the back crawl. It is the opposite stroke to the front stroke, since you use similar arm and leg motions but while turned around backward... This page was last updated on The biggest challenge with this stroke may be LEARNING when to sense that you are nearing the edge of the pool, since you cannot see it coming in front of you. You may find yourself turning to [...]
Introduction to the Breaststroke
NOTE: This page was updated There are four main components of the breaststroke:  Frog Kick  Forward Arm Stroke Glide Back Arm Stroke It starts with a kick that mimics the way a front swims. START with your legs out straight and pulled together, and then pull your knees up toward your chest. Your knees will go out to the sides, preparing you to kick them out straight again, propelling [...]
Are You Ready for the Butterfly Stroke?
Just as a butterfly flaps its wings and soars through the air with an easy glide, a talented swimmer doing the butterfly stroke, or “fly,” will rip through the water with a seemingly easy flow of the body. That is a bit deceptive, since this stroke actually requires significant strength, skill, and technique. It requires power to push your body through the water and pick up the speed needed to [...]
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