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Health Benefits of Swimming
This page was last updated on Why has swimming remained one of the most popular forms of exercise for so many generations? Why has it become an internationally recognized competitive sport? Many swimmers get in the water through the years because they like the way it makes them feel. They feel refreshed and invigorated when they pull out of the pool from an aggressive swim. Others jump in the [...]
Adult Swimming Lessons – Tips for Success
Deciding to sign up for adult swimming lessons is the first step toward an exciting future. Right now you may be uncomfortable, self-conscious, or fearful in the water... It may seem like this cannot be overcome if you have dealt with these emotions your entire life, but rest assured progress can be made... If you are having doubts about your ability to learn to swim at this age, give yourself [...]
Do You Need Private Swimming Lessons?
Private swimming lessons can teach you all the skills that would be learned in public lessons, but you have the luxury of learning at your own pace. NOTE:This page was last updated on You work with an instructor one-on-one, and there are no other students to slow down your learning pace or roll their eyes if you need some extra time mastering certain skills. You also have the complete attention [...]
Introducing Baby Swimming Lessons
Most baby swimming lessons are more like mommy-and-me style classes where a parent participates with the child. You should sign up for lessons through a reputable swimming facility and with an instructor who you trust... Advice: Show up to your lessons in your bathing suit, and ready to jump in and assist your baby in these introductory lessons... // // You really will be introducing [...]
Swimming for Weight Loss – What Results Can You Expect?
GOOD NEWS! This page was recently Swimming for weight loss can be very effective, but only if combined with other actions that take you in the direction of your goals... While stroking through the water you will burn a lot of calories and will work nearly every muscle in your body. You can tone your muscles and stimulate the gain of new muscle. All of this happens without placing a lot of stress [...]
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