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Do You Need Private Swimming Lessons?

Private swimming lessons can teach you all the skills that would be learned in public lessons, but you have the luxury of learning at your own pace.

NOTE:This page was last updated on Tuesday 20th of February 2018

You work with an instructor one-on-one, and there are no other students to slow down your learning pace or roll their eyes if you need some extra time mastering certain skills. You also have the complete attention of the instructor at all times, so you will get far more feedback on your body positioning and technique as you master new skills.

There are many reasons that you may decide to sign up for private swimming lessons, including the following:

  • You have an intense fear of the water, and that will stop you from jumping in and learning quickly with everyone else. You will need time to get comfortable in the water before you can really start learning strokes.
  • You cannot find group classes available in your home at times you can attend. An instructor may be able to arrange for special times that work for both of your schedules.
  • You already have some swimming experience and want to learn more advanced skills. You can focus on just those skills and improve quickly when you work with one professional coach or instructor.
  • You suffer from a disability. You will need special considerations and teaching techniques in order to learn to swim.
  • You are learning to swim for a special reason or a special event. You need to learn at an accelerated pace and do not have time to go through a sequence of formal lessons.

You will typically pay more for private swimming lessons than for group lessons. When you sign up for group lessons, you have others sharing the cost with you.

When you sign up privately, you have to pay the instructor for their time and expertise, and you have no one to share that cost. It may still be worth the extra expense if you fit into one of the above categories, or have other reasons that group lessons will not work for you.

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NOTE: Expert Advice…

Before signing up for private swimming lessons, make sure you are working with an experienced instructor. They should have some experience working with someone with your need…

3 Responses to “Do You Need Private Swimming Lessons?”

  1. Samantha says:

    I was so close to hiring a private coach but thanks to you, I was saved from the high cost since I realized from reading this article that I did’nt ned one!

  2. Jacob says:

    Although more expensive, private swimming lesson is probably better suited for my situation or it may even be the only choice. I don’t have an extreme fear of water, but I do have a case of aquaphobia and I’ll need a very patient teacher in the beginning. I don’t want to live with this fear anymore and I want to be able to enjoy the day at the beach with friends and family. If private swimming lesson is what it takes for me to learn to swim, then that’s what I’ll take.

  3. Gabrielle L says:

    I’ve never been a good athlete and to be honest I’m shy around people. Me not being a good athlete has direct correlation to me being naturally shy. I do just fine being who I am and I don’t intend to change myself anytime soon, so I think it’s probably better that I get a private swimming lesson hahahaha~ I already knew I wanted a private lesson, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to check out the pros and cons before I commit to anything.

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