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Swimming for Weight Loss – What Results Can You Expect?

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Swimming for weight loss can be very effective, but only if combined with other actions that take you in the direction of your goals…

While stroking through the water you will burn a lot of calories and will work nearly every muscle in your body. You can tone your muscles and stimulate the gain of new muscle. All of this happens without placing a lot of stress on your body, which makes swimming a suitable form of exercise for those of all ages and fitness conditions…

You should not spend your time leisurely paddling through the water or floating on the surface if your primary goal is to slim down. Swimming for weight loss requires you to learn the strokes, pick up speed, and push out of your comfort zone.

You will burn more calories and tone your body more if you fully engage every part of your body and focus on picking up the intensity as much as possible…

This effort level is what makes swimming for weight loss different from leisurely swimming for enjoyment. The more you moveswimming for weight loss your body, the more calories you will burn, and the greater results you can expect for your efforts. The more time you spend in the water, the greater results you can expect as well.

You can also expect greater results if you combine your swimming routine with a healthy, well balanced diet. Make sure you stay hydrated and take in the natural, unprocessed foods that your body needs to build muscle and burn fat. You may also want to cross train with other forms of exercise so your body is constantly challenged.

Also, take the time to learn a variety of swimming strokes. You will be less likely to get bored while swimming, and will have many strokes to keep up a fast pace throughout your workout. You will also work different muscles of the body when you switch between strokes.

What about Results?

You should expect to lose a healthy two or three pounds per week when you combine regular swimming sessions with a healthy diet. You can lose more or less, depending on the effort you put out and your overall health…

4 Responses to “Swimming for Weight Loss – What Results Can You Expect?”

  1. Maria says:

    My friend was thinking of ways to loose weight & had been wanting to hang out with me more & now she can! She just joined swimming lesson with me because of this article! Thanks very much!

  2. Ashley L says:

    I should have been convinced after seeing the kind of result my sister had seen with her 4 days a week swimming session, but I guess I was too lazy to accept the fact that there is something that I can do to lose weight and I continued to ignore how slim she was getting. Now she’s almost at her normal weight and I’m still 50 pounds overweight… sigh… better late than never I suppose.

  3. Jack says:

    I thought about buying a treadmill, an exercise bike, or a bowflex, but then I remembered how much fun I used to have swimming when I was a kid and it sort of dawned on me that maybe I should make losing weight fun. God knows I’ve wasted lots of money on unused exercise equipments and the biggest reason is because it’s not fun to run treadmills or lift weights for an hour straight. But swimming, I think swimming will still be a lot of fun and I want to give it a try.

  4. Dan Scotts says:

    I’m convinced about the effectiveness on swimming on losing weight. It is one of the best exercise for me. You use all your body parts including the inwards systems.

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