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Is Swimming Technique Important?

swimming techniquesSwimming technique is the way you hold your body while you are in the water, and the way you move your body to perform specific swimming strokes…

Beginners are often focused on just learning to safely make it from one end of the pool to the other, so they do not concern themselves much with technique. Children who work their way through swimming classes learn technique as they progress, but they don’t think of it as technique. They simply learn it naturally and in a fun manner.

Adults typically start to focus on swimming technique when they want to swim professionally, or when they have been swimming recreationally for awhile and catch interest in learning more. If you are a casual swimmer who simply enjoys being in the water, then technique may be something you never need to focus on. You may work toward learning new strokes and staying fit by taking laps across the pool, and you will naturally get better the more you practice.

Going Pro

Swimming technique becomes important when you want to make it onto a local, high school, or college swim team, or when you want to complete a triathlon. If you have been swimming for awhile and want to go professional, then technique will become extremely important. You cannot swim at a professional or athletic level without mastering technique.

Check out swimming strokes technique below:

Why is swimming technique so important? It is important because you will always be held back from reaching a competitive speed if you have not mastered technique. When you watch professional swimmers in Olympic broadcasts they make it look like they are just pulling themselves easily through the water. They may make it look easy, but there is actually a lot of hard work involved…

Those professionals are actually focused on their technique while they are in those Olympic races, and they are focused on swimming technique during training. They know that if their technique is off, they will not win the race. Technique is the foundation that you have to master before you work on speed or any other objective.

When you learn a new stroke, you learn basic swim technique. That is a starting point, but there is always more technique to master as you practice that stroke over and over.

2 Responses to “Is Swimming Technique Important?”

  1. David says:

    I’m a little too old to go pro in swimming, but I sure would like to learn to swim again by a qualified instructor. My dad taught me how to swim when I was young and even though he swims okay, he’s swimming style is far from being polished. My friends have all had lessons from a real instructors and they not only swim faster than me, but they’re able to stay afloat in the water vertically a lot longer than I can. All I do is go from point a to b and I want to swim better than that. So is swimming technique important? Hell yeah!

  2. Amelia says:

    I don’t really have hopes for my daughter to become a professional swimmer in the future, but I want to make sure that she has all that’s necessary to become one, if she chooses one day. Right now she’s really enjoying her swimming classes, but I feel as though the instructors there are not really pros at what they do. Sure they could swim, but I don’t think they’re qualified to teach kids that are no longer beginners. I think it’s time to move on to a more knowledgeable teacher to learn more advanced swimming techniques.

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