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How to Master Swimming Techniques for Efficiency and Speed

swimming techniqueOnce you understand the basic mechanics behind a given swimming stroke, your mission will be to learn proper swimming techniques for that stroke. Technique cannot be ignored because it is the foundation of great things to come. For instance, you will forever be held back in speed and efficiency if your technique is poor.

Efficiency vs. Speed

Most swimmers focus on speed at some point in their swimming career, but many do not understand that there is something else known as “efficiency.” Speed is how rapidly you move through the water and how quickly you go from point A to point B. Efficiency is how much energy you burn getting from point A to point B, regardless of how fast you made the trip.

Improving Efficiency and Speed

The first step to improving your speed and efficiency is always to work on proper swimming techniques. This means learning technique in a few ways:

  • Body Position
  • Stroking
  • Breathing

Swimming techniques must be perfected in all of these areas if you want to go your fastest and be the most efficient in the water. Most swimmers start by learning how their body should be positioned during all phases of a stroke, and then they start learning how to maximize their stroking pattern to get the most out of each stroke. Finally, they can start learning how to breathe for the most efficient swim.

It does take time to master all of these techniques, and there are differences between different types of strokes. This is why some professional swimmers are far more efficient or much faster with one or two strokes. They have simply mastered their technique for these strokes to a superior degree than they have mastered swimming techniques for other strokes.

If you want to be faster in the pool or you want to finish a swim without being out of breath, you need to work on technique first. You can then start doing drills and other exercises to build up to faster speeds and increased efficiency with a particular stroke. Don’t be shocked to find that you are naturally more efficient with one stroke or another. That is natural for many swimmers.

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